David Laid- Know about an amazing transformation

Read about the amazing transformation journey of David Laid from a bullied teen to an amazing bodybuilder.

Personal Information

Name: David Laid
Nickname: David
Date of Birth: 29 January 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Age: 23 years
Place of Birth: Estonia
Nationality: Estonian and American
Parents: Not known
Marital Status: In a relationship
Profession: Bodybuilder, Social media influencer

Physical Appearance:

Weight: 83.5 – 88.5 kgs
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Biceps: 19 inches
Era: 2010

David Laid- Early life

David was born in Estonia on January 29, 1998. He was merely two years old when his father passed away. After his father’s tragic death, David’s mother decided to move to New Jersey, USA.
He was admitted into Mainland Regional School and while studying, he was diagnosed with scoliosis. As a treatment procedure, the doctor advised him to lift weights. This wasn’t the only issue. Besides his disease, he was bullied for his skinny frame. This raised self-confidence issues.
However, it was while lifting that changed his life completely. He started recording himself and uploaded it on YouTube, gaining recognition for his amazing transformation.

Professional Life

David Laid

David uploaded his first video in December 2013, “David Laid 18 Month Transformation”. The video soon was viral and gained millions of followers and subscribers. With his YouTube blogs hitting the internet, David Laid was soon popular among all the fitness enthusiasts. He started uploading videos about training to become IFBB Pro, Chest Workout for consistent growth, and many more. He was particularly inspired by Jeff Seid.

Know more about Jeff Seid.

David soon became the face of many sports and nutrition brands including Gymshark. Various fitness and entertainment magazines also featured him on the cover page.

Net worth

The net worth of David Lain is around $1 million. His main sources of income are modeling, coaching, commercials, and brand endorsements.

Family and Relationships

Not much is known about David’s family. His father died when he was too young and his mother bought him up. However, there isn’t much available about his mother.

Regarding his marital status, he has been dating Julia Jackson for a couple of years. Julia is a fitness model and an influencer.

You can follow David Laid on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and his personal website.

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