Detox Diet Cleanse Therapy and It Side Effects

Side Effects of Detox Diet
Detox Diet

Side effects of Detox diet can be dehydration, lack of vital minerals, vitamins. When these medications are given by doctors for short period of time then its safe but in long term it can lead to severe dehydration and seizure.

What is Detox Diets ?

Detox diets are short- term interventions designed to remove the toxins from your body involve a period of fasting, followed by strict diet of fruits, fruit juice, vegetables and water. It may also include herbs, teas, medicinal supplements, colon cleanse. These dietary claimed to rest your organs and stimulate liver to removal of toxins through feces, sweat and urine. Improve body blood circulation. It also claimed to aid many health problems especially obesity, constipation and other digestive issues.

Colon Cleanse Therapy

Colon cleansing also known as colon hydrotherapy in which flushing of colon with fluids to remove fecal waste using laxatives and diuretics.

Diuretics are drugs cause kidneys to make more urine and help the body to get rid of extra fluid.

Laxatives are types of medicine which help in removal of bowels.

Side Effects of Detox Diets

Severe calorie restrictions and short term fasting results in limited calories intake, irritability, bad breathing, weakness and dizziness are some common detox diet side effects.

Long term fasting may cause deficiency of vital minerals, vitamin and energy in the body which may cause electronic imbalance and can cause death. 

Detox diet also pose the risk of overdosing of supplements just like colon cleansing. There is lack of monitoring and regulations in detox industry, detox food and medicine and may not have scientific basis.

Detox are rarely identify the specific toxin that want to remove from the body. Infact there’s little or no evidence that this therapy remove any toxins from the body and hence the mechanism by which they work seems unclear.

Important tips for your Health

At last but not least our body is great system which is doing a magnificent work to remove toxins. We encourage everyone interested in weight loss by doing exercise, eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods, frizzy drinks and white sugar etc. Meditation is also keep your mind and body fresh and help in focus on your goals. These are the options more than enough to keep you fit and improve your health.

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