Detox Diets: Four ways you can detoxify yourself

Ever heard of detoxifying from your favorite celeb and social media stars?

Detoxifying is a new dieting trend. With huge rush in our lives, we tend to make poor choices in our lifestyles. Junk food and unhealthy foods are a big part of today’s fast-forward life.

And with this, we are also aware of the possible negative effects. So, is there any cleanser? Definitely, there is. Detox diet.

Detoxifying and Detox Diets.

Detox diets are specific diets that help you to remove unwanted substances from your body. They also help to increase your absorption of vitamins and minerals. The diet usually contains lots of fluids, removing processed foods, including whole foods, and even fasting.

There are plenty of detox diets that help you to detoxify and get rid of unwanted elements.

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Types of detox diets

There are various diets that exist. However, the popular ones are as follows:

detox diets

1. Juices and Fluids

We all realize the importance of fluids for our bodies. Similarly, this diet involves a lot of juices, smoothies, and liquids in your diet. The diet lasts between 3 and 21 days.

Benefits: Usually, fresh vegetables and fruits are recommended and are pretty healthy. These drinks are packed with loads of nutrients and minerals. They also help to replenish water loss in your body.

The Bottom Line: However, depending yourselves completely on this diet is a big No-No. This can make you lose a lot of nutrients.

2. Liver Detox

A liver detox or flush program seeks to clear all toxic substances from your body. The liver is one of the largest organs and it is responsible to remove waste.
A liver detox diet involves specific steps like drinking fluids or following a restrictive diet. It is often a combination of other diets and is mainly based on herbal products.

Benefits: Going on a liver detox diet will firstly, cleanse your liver. Secondly, it helps to maintain a healthy weight. Thirdly, it has also a good impact on your skin and hair.

The Bottom Line: Doctors usually recommend not to go for this type since there are no proofs that the diet works. Some of the steps might cause liver damage.

3. Restricting food

Another way is to restrict and avoid certain kinds of foods that may cause harm. The key is to remove certain ingredients from the diet for a week and then monitor the results. This will allow you to get an idea as to what is harmful to you.

Benefits: The diet allows you to improve your digestive system. It allows you to monitor what is healthy for you and what is not. In addition to all, this also helps to lose weight and gain control.

The Bottom Line: Restricting too many ingredients can be pretty harmful. This can lead to a huge loss of nutrients and cause digestive disorders.

4. Colon cleanse

While most of the types focus on either consuming or removing ingredients, colon cleanse is a little different. Colon cleanse involves removing toxins by clearing bowel movements through supplements.

Benefits: The process cleanses all toxins from your body without changing the diet. The time period of this type is shorter than others and compact.

The Bottom Line: However easy it might sound; the colon is extremely dangerous. Supplements and laxatives can have many side effects. So, the diet or supplementation should be followed under strict medical guidance.

A detox is a great option for aiding toxic removal. They still lack proper medical backing but can be used to supplement your detoxifying journey.
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