Testosterone is a hormone mainly found in the male human body. The testicles prepare testosterone in male bodies. However, It is also produced in Women’s ovaries, although, in very smaller amounts.

The production of testosterone begins to increase significantly when a boy hits puberty. Its production starts falling after the age of 30.

Testosterone is mostly related with sex drive and sperm production. However, they actually work but they also comes with some side effects.

Testosterone boosters are taken externally to increase the testosterone level. Maybe Because, that the person’s body is not being able to produce it naturally or may they want to rise its level.

Forms of Testosterone Boosters

However, Testosterone boosters come in many forms which boosts testosterone production in the body naturally or may be artificially. They come in many forms such as:

  1. Testosterone replacement therapy
  2. Injectable testosterone
  3. Testosterone boosting supplements
  4. Transdermal testosterone
  5. And, Oral testosterone capsules

What does Testosterone boosters do in your body?

It prevents low testosterone level in males above 30. However, Testosterone is a crucial, multi-functional male sex hormone that naturally declines with age. Whereas, these supplements help to improve testosterone level.

These are supplements that claim to increase libido. Also, potentially improving sexual performance.

It helps in keeping your heart healthy. And, a healthy heart pumps blood to rest of your body.

It makes you gain more leaner muscle mass. Along with that, control weight

Certainly,Testosterone has a great function in bone mineral density. Bone density declines as men ages and with that testosterone levels fall. So, Testosterone boosters promotes healthy bones.

Side effects of Testosterone booster

As I mentioned above that it comprises some side effects and they are:

  1. Hair loss.
  2. Male breast enlargement.
  3. Acne.
  4. Testicular atrophy.
  5. Prostate enlargement.
  6. Loss of libido.
  7. Increased aggression.
  8. And also, Infertility.


In this article, you read about Testosterone, Testosterone booster. Also, what they do to your body, what are its benefits and side effects.

And also, this article may help you understand better TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER: SHOULD I TAKE IT?

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