Let’s find out.
You probably must have heard “MORE PROTEIN POWDER = MORE MUSCLES”. And you strive to gain muscles as quick as humanly possible without wasting your precious time and efforts.
But, my dear friend, nothing that’s “worth the hype” comes off easily.
If anybody asks any supplement company, they would tell you that their protein supplements will work wonders. According to them, you’ll gain pounds of muscles and become stronger overnight.
Truth to be told, though, the best muscle building substance that you can consume is…FOOD.

Yeah, food. The food you eat provides all of the building blocks, energy resources, and nutrients that your body needs to recover and reconstruct your muscles into a larger and stronger version of their previous self. However, we should never forget to include protein, and nutrients, in our meals in order to build muscles.
When it comes to building muscle, the priority is for the protein. Protein is the building block for muscle tissue and is essential for the growth, repair, and maintenance of good health.
However, if one cannot get the necessary amount of protein from food on daily basis, then yes, you need a protein supplement.

The supplement is a quick and easy way to boost protein intake if you are not getting enough protein through food. When your primary goal is to increase muscle, then more attention needs to be paid to protein intake.
Protein powders are designed to supplement one’s diet that requires an adequate amount of protein. It means that protein powders are there to complete your nutrition, or, to reinforce or extend the total nutrition plan. Supplements are required when one’s normal diet is lacking in certain areas. Consulting your primary care doctor, before in-taking protein supplements are recommended.
Protein powder does not magically make your muscle grow. It merely provides your muscles with the building blocks that they need to grow.
PROTEIN POWDERS can be extremely useful as an aid to hit your daily protein intake goals. However, eating more protein powders will not make your muscles grow faster.
Muscles must have a reason to grow, and working out is what is necessary to coax them into getting stronger and larger.
I would advise you all to go slow: go slow and steady on building muscles rather than in-taking lots of supplements and expecting them to grow within a week. Strive and work hard for the perfect body muscles, because in the end, every sweat you shed is definitely worth it.


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