What is Dynamic Resistance?

Dynamic resistance is the process of simply tensing your muscles hard while moving them through a range of motion. In theory, it is the process of tensing muscles that causes the fibers to tear and your body doesn’t care whether or not you’re actually holding a weight. Thus, by tensing your arms as hard as possible and simply moving them through the curling movement, you could theoretically train your biceps.

Because you aren’t lifting a heavyweight, it’s up to you how hard you make a dynamic tension workout. But, for best results, you should attempt to squeeze your muscles as hard as you can.

Who should prefer it?

Those working long hours and who may not have the time to get to the gym. Also, those who may not have the extra space or money to set up a good home gym. Someone who has to travel quite often for business or pleasure might prefer getting a good workout in his or her hotel room.

Some bodybuilders have claimed a few dynamic resistance sessions bring about certain physiological changes that make muscles more responsive to later heavier training. But generally, anyone who wants the strength and endurance that dynamic resistance offers should go ahead and do it.

So, Does Dynamic Resistance help to build muscle?

Even though Dynamic resistance is good for warming up the muscles. It is not that great to build muscles and bulk up solely with it. You are not actually gonna build a lot of muscle without weights and just with body weight.
With dynamic resistance, you can only exercise some parts of your body at a time. You can exercise your whole body with dynamic tension, but only few parts at a time. You can do the same movements for pull-ups with dynamic tension, but your core will not be as engaged.

So again, you can exercise your whole body with dynamic tension, but you are gonna need to exercise only certain parts at a time. Also you are going to need to do more separate exercises. That means you are going to have to take longer to finish your workout routine.

Dynamic resistance will suck you up. With an exercise like calisthenics, you can effectively do, for example, burpees. Burpees exercise the triceps, the core, the legs. Or you can do pull-ups, which focuses on the forearm, the back, and integrates it with abdominal exercise. So, you also exercise the core. In both cases, you are exercising most of your body at the same time.

But with dynamic resistance, you cannot do that. If you try to exercise too much of your body at the same time, you will not have enough energy to produce enough resistance. With burpees and pull-ups, you have gravity assist you. But with dynamic resistance, you are using energy to substitute gravity. So you only have half the energy.

So, your muscles can handle more energy, but your body cannot provide it. Thereby you cannot give the muscles the challenge they need to get better and stronger to build muscle.


It can rightly be said that if you’re looking for a shortcut for your workouts, then this isn’t it anyway. Even if it worked, it’s just as much of an investment of time and energy as a weights routine.
Dynamic resistance biceps curls and exercises do feel like they work but they actually are just making you tired and not helping to build muscle. While you wouldn’t want to replace regular curls with them, you could use them to get in the occasional extra set for your biceps when you’re just standing around. But that would not help in building up the muscle and be bulked up.

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