Does Hydration Improve Running?

Well to answer the question. Yes. In fact it is so important to hydrate because water regulates body temperature. Provides energy, flushes out toxins and strengthens our bones and joints. Running and water often work side by side as the body is only meant to function on heat and low levels of water for only small periods of time. It is very important for a runner to stay hydrated in order to improve their stamina, performance as well as their health. Water improves muscle recovery, and reduces injuries and soreness. It’s calcium nutrients strengthen the body, especially the bones. Kidney stone formation happens due to the lack of water. This is because kidney stones’ main component is calcium. 

Our bodies can even go days without food, but lack of water makes it really hard for the body to function. Water is the second most important life essential after oxygen.  It makes up 60% of the body weight and regulates blood volume and pressure. Running leads to loss of fluid by sweating, urinating and breathing, sweating being the biggest reason as to why. Hence, you feel hot after a workout or run. The balance for the heat is sweating, therefore it is extremely crucial to hydrate. Failing to do so leads to the thickening of blood, reducing the heart’s efficiency, speeding the heart rate eventually leading to a raise in body temperature. 

To conclude, it is very essential to drink water often, especially during the day and during practice time. Do not leave out on electrolytes in order to maximize the benefits of hydration as well as your diet. Furthermore, consult a doctor or professional as everybody is different and therefore have subjective needs. 

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