Does insulin cause weight gain?

To be direct – Yes, insulin can cause weight gain.

More often than not, weight gain is a common side effect of insulin shots. Insulin Therapy is a common treatment adopted by many diabetic individuals. Insulin refers to the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Too much absorption of glucose by the cells causes weight gain. The body later converts this into fat. 

Losing or maintaining weight is a frustrating task by itself. Another important aspect of a diabetic regime is weight maintenance.  The additional fluctuations in hormone levels do not help. Commonly, unmanaged diabetes leads to weight gain before and after insulin therapy. Consuming more food than you require in a day is also another factor.


Tips to manage weight

  1. Calorie Counting – Consuming fewer calories than what you burn prevents weight gain. Excess calories leads to major fluctuations in glucose levels. Calorie counting and portion control are two very important practices, especially if you are diabetic.  Eating less processed foods and saturated fats also will be extremely game changing. Stock your pantry with wholefoods and log food intake timely. Maintain a balanced diet, with enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates. 
  2. Physical Exercise – You need to move your body. Physical activity is a crucial part of your wellbeing. According to WHO adults between 18-64 need at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity every week. Get a trainer to best tailor the exercises according to your needs. Exercise promotes blood circulation, regulates glucose levels, burns fat and keeps the body healthy.
  3. Do not skip meals – While trying to lose weight, we may tend to over do. Skipping meals to cut calories is the worst thing you could do to yourself. We may lose a pound or so, but it affects our health significantly. You may end up hungrier than ever and consuming unhealthy things. Additionally, it can lead to low blood sugar levels if the insulin isn’t adjusted properly.
  4. Insulin dosage – Never skip or alternate prescribed insulin dosage. It may lead to dropping some pounds but it can cause serious damage. Higher the blood sugar level, higher the risks.

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