Does Mediterranean Diet Reduce Inflammation ?

Inflammation is a serious problem faced by many people. Many get rashes or severe pains because of this. Moreover, it is increasing day by day. There are medications for this, but most of them are temporary. Would you believe me if I say that I have a permanent cure to inflammation ? Yes, this is possible by opting for a simple yet effective diet plan. And it is none other than Mediterranean Diet. But, does mediterranean diet reduce inflammation ?

What Is Mediterranean Diet ?

This is a diet plan that is derived from the region near Mediterranean sea. The countries surrounding the sea follow the diet plan. Spain, Greece and Italy have a close bonding with this diet. This is one of the most lively and active diet plan ever made. Furthermore, this plan covers almost all the foodstuffs available around the region. Additionally, meditarrenean diet is a heart friendly food plan.

does mediterranean diet reduce inflammation

For instance, legumes, beans, vegetables, nuts, etc. are of prime importance in this. In addition to that, they include seafood and dairy products. Olive oil is a main ingredient of their foods. Clearly, it is a great source of added healthy fats in the meals. Not only do they have balanced meals, but also they do follow cheat days. These off days are often some special occasions when one can have red meat and wine.

Does Mediterranean Diet Reduce Inflammation ?

Studies have shown that Mediterranean does reduce inflammation. Certainly, it is anti-inflammatory in nature. Also, it cures heart inflammation. Since it is an overall approach for a healthy lifestyle, it is a permanent cure of inflammation. Infact, it also cures the negative effects of highly inflammatory foods on the body.

The diet plan is a storehouse of essential nutrients and fatty acids. Fresh vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices form the framework of this diet plan. Fresh fruits replace the desserts. Fish take a spot at least twice a week. Olive oil is a healthy fat source for preparing meals.

Besides, olive oil has monounsaturated fat. For this reason, it is used in good quantities in meal prep. Also, mediterranean diet has positive effects on the body. Reports clearly show that those who follow this plan tend to have low death risks compared to others by 18%. Further, it lowers the cardiac arrests and strokes by 20%.Thus, the question to ‘Does meditarrenean diet reduce inflammation’ is definitely a ‘Yes’.

SOURCES: EndocrineWeb , Mayo Clinic

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