Does Post-Cycle Therapy build muscle?

What is Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

Following a cycle of performance-enhancing drugs (PED’s), Post-Cycle Therapy is a protocol undergone by the user. This starts up the recovery process of the individual. Synthetic hormones (PED’s) such as steroids lower the natural hormone production of the individual. Once the cycle ends, no more hormones are provided through PED anymore. Therefore, Post Cycle Therapy is required to assist your body’s natural hormone production abilities. 

Comprehensive Guide to Post Cycle Therapy | Harley Street MD

Why is it important?

These substances such as anabolic steroids and prohormones have well-known leading impacts in increasing muscle growth and better recovery. Proper Post-Cycle therapy will kick start the hormone production within a matter of a few weeks. This way it prevents the body from having any unfavorable side effects from occurring.

A post-cycle user can be susceptible to loss of muscle mass. Since there is no testosterone production, increased levels of estrogen will be present. Besides this, side effects such as mood swings, deeper voice, fatigue, increased breast size as well depression can occur. Therefore, under professional guidance with the help of medicine, your normal hormone levels can be restored.

A few tips to assist the Post Cycle Therapy process

  1. Nutrition – In order to maintain muscle mass and help the recovery process nutrition plays a crucial role. The user has to consume enough healthy fats and protein.  
  2. Training – Continue training and maintain the intensity in order to maintain everything you’ve gained. 
  3. Rest – Train hard, but get adequate amounts of sleep and rest. The muscles need time to recover and prepare for the next workout.

Conclusion :

Weightlifting is more than just a sport or building muscles. It strengthens your metabolism, muscles, bones as well as improves dexterity and coordination. Anybody who chooses to go on a steroid cycle requires Post-Cycle Therapy. But no, Post-Cycle Therapy does not grow muscles. Rather it makes sure to maintain the muscle built and help recover overall health. 

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