What is alkaline water? What is alkaline? 

But before answering the question, have you ever heard of ph value. Well!! Hope the answer must be ‘YES’ even if not, then know it here ph value of something which defines whether a substance is acidity or basicity. It is all chemistry terminology. In simple language ph value let you know whether the substance is acid or not.

Now alkali is earth chemical metal whose ph value is greater than 7. 

As the word ‘Alkali’ drive from the Arabic word meaning calcined ashes.

Everyone knows that water is greatest for the human body. Nobody needs to tell how beneficial water is for healthy health.

But what about alkaline water?

Alkaline water has a high ph-value than a comparison of normal drinking water. Which neutralizes the acid content in the body.   

Now, which is more beneficial to health? Alkaline water or normal water.

Alkaline water flows the blood in the body more efficiently than a comparison normal drinking water. Which can decrease the deficiency of oxygen in the body. 

What are things that are said for alkaline water?

  1. You age slow, look still young
  2. Remove toxic from the body, feel pure body
  3. The great immune system hardly gets sick.
  4. Weight loss, look fit.
  5. Healthy bone, shining teeth.

It hardly matters if you drink alkaline water during bodybuilding. But it will also keep your body nontoxic, but your body is already getting the less toxic cause of sweating and workouts, which are already processing your heart health, kidney health, lung health, and other organs healthy.

Since alkaline water can cause changes in ph value of the body which creates problems like nauseous, muscles twisting and muscles twisting is something which no bodybuilder will like to have.  And it would be the last thing you as a bodybuilder would like to happen. 

So in short drinking alkaline water is not much worth it. It depends upon you and your body to process with alkaline water in case of bodybuilding. 

Alkaline water is more beneficial for healthy and beautiful skin. 


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