EAA Supplements: Everything you need to know about them

Amino acids are the best friends of bodybuilding. Often called the building blocks of protein, amino acids are helpful for building muscles.
Often the debate arises between EAA and BCAA supplements, the two types of amino acids. Over the past years, people have been switching to EAA. Here is everything you need about the supplements.

What are EAA supplements?

Twenty amino acids make up, what we call protein, in the body. Out of those, 11 can be synthesized by the body on its own whereas the rest of them is supplemented. Those 9 amino acids are EAA or Essential Amino Acids. They can be either consumed from the diet or in form of supplements.
These groups contribute to muscle building, tissue repairs, and building energy. These are essential as one doesn’t get it from the body.

EAA vs. BCAA- Which one is better?

Bodybuilders often consume either BCAA or EAA for protein supplementation. Both of them are essential for the body but often the debate arises – which one is better?
For someone who is looking for better muscle growth and definition, EAA supplements are a better option. These contain six amino acids plus three BCAA which are essential for every day. Instead of consuming 3 BCAAs with other additional supplements, consuming EAA is better.

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4 Benefits of EAA supplements

EAA supplements

There are plenty of reasons why EAA is a superior supplement for all bodybuilders. However, the essential four benefits are:

1. Improves body composition
With enough amino acids available for synthesis, the body will start burning fats instead of muscle. This will make the body leaner and stronger.

2. Enhances performance
EAA supplements provide your body with key components while anabolic breakdown, leading to better performance

3. Fastens muscle recovery
Since amino acids complete the muscle breakdown cycle, the muscles have a better chance of recovery. This makes them stronger and defined.

4. Better sleep
High protein content activates neurotransmitters – serotonin and melatonin. While serotonin improves hormonal levels and improves mood, melatonin helps in better sleep.

The Supplements- Who, When, and How?

After listing out the benefits above, one must be wondering who can consume and what is the right way and time of consuming the EAAs?

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, muscle builders should consume around 1.5-2.0 grams of protein per kg of their weight. EAA is essential as they are not created by your body. Also, people who have a plant-based diet can consume them, because of the lack of vegan protein sources.

Most researchers have stated that 6-12g of EAA are effective for muscle building. One can consume it in single or split doses.

“When should I have the supplements?” For most bodybuilders, consuming EAAs post-workout or after lifting has shown good results. This is so because, after deadlifting, the body is at the prime muscle-building stage.

One can also consume these while performing high endurance workouts. These workouts are catabolic and hence, another good timing.
EAAs are a good source of amino acids and hence, can be consumed by all the power builders there. However medical supervision is strictly advised. Consulting a doctor will allow you with more deep insights.

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