Protein is something that is very important for the development of the body. It is macronutrients. Protein helps to build up our body. For children at the time of growth, protein is highly demanded. For height, tissue, muscles, cells, and almost everything in our body. Eating protein can also help in losing weight and belly weight, increasing muscle strength and mass, therefore protein is also asked for bodybuilders to intake. The requirement of protein in our body is equally important as the requirement of best friends in life. Life and body are not different from each other similarly proteins and best friends are not different from each other. The need for best friends in life is forever, similar needs of protein in the body are forever. Like we pour our all feelings, emotions, frustration, anger, everything in our best friends mind exactly the same way, injuries, repair of cells and tissue, growth of
muscles, all these things are poured on protein. Imagine life without best friends, the body will be a visual representation without the protein. So when our best friends and protein do this much in our life and body respectively so our responsibilities towards them are equally important.
Note – Choosing the right way of intaking protein is also important and measurable.

Way to Power up your protein intake

1. Putting Almond – Almond is Richie Rich of nutrition, it will boost our intake of protein. Almonds itself contain 6gram of protein. Almonds can be consumed with milk, sprinkle over oats.
2. Protein powder – The most common and easy way to intake protein is to look for protein powder. There are many protein powders in the market, with the extra addition of healthy consistency. Since they are artificial intake so it is made in such a way that it starts affecting more quickly.
3. Protein Bar – The other way of powering up your protein is keeping a protein bar, a tasty way to take. The Mire bar is most recommended in the market, although it is non-veg, people prefer to take it.
4. Peanut Butter – Everyone is aware of how Peanut butter is good in protein, but it also
promotes the power of protein in the body. Peanuts with Fruit is an extraordinary
combination of boosting the protein in the body.
5. Soybeans – Adding boiled soybeans in a salad or even in cooked food is also a way to power up your protein. It is the best option for vegetarians to boost their protein function. And one can easily find soybean even in their local market.
6. Creatine – It almost does the same work as protein does, might be a replacement of protein in the body, but Creatine mainly focuses on building the muscles and gaining strength with the help of already protein present in the body, still the repairment of injuries is looked at by protein.

The power upping the intake of protein can be easy, but equally dangerous, you never know which friends of yours become disloyal, in the same way, you never know which way of power upping becomes dangerous to health, so concern with and from doctors is important or at least self ideas and research regarding this.


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