Eating disorders: – 4 ways how it can impact the mind

Eating disorders are a common problem nowadays. An eating disorder (ED) is a mental disorder defined by abnormal eating habits. Some common ED are anorexia, bulimia, purging and binge-eating.

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Eating Disorders are usually found in teenagers and young adults, which involve too much focus on body shape, weight, and food. Thus, it not only affects physical health due to lack of nutrition but also mental health.

Here are 4 ways in which eating disorders severely impact the mental health of an individual.

1. Eating Disorders cause mood swings

Binge-watching (eating a lot of food, usually junk) leads to a lot of mood sways. Similarly, purging (self-vomiting) makes one feel sick and irritated. One might feel stressed and tired, due to a lack of nutrients and vitamins.

2. Eating Disorders and Depression

Constantly worrying about weight and shape, can cause one to go into depression. Young teenagers usually get very concerned about their looks and appearance. As a result, this makes them practice unhealthy food habits and stress about their image. Anxious thoughts like how will one look in a dress can make one embarrassed. According to one study, almost 36% of adolescent girls believed themselves to be overweight. In addition, 59% of the girls were trying weight loss.

3. Drug Addiction

In order to get the perfect body, people tend to engage in substance abuse and drugs. Instead of healthy food and regular exercise, they get drugs and steroids for faster results. Drugs make them dependent and lead to loss of motivation. Moreover, it affects mental health the worst and leads to depression.

4. Suicidal behavior

Young teenagers look upon models as a perfect one and they try to imitate them. But when they don’t achieve the desired results, they often develop a negative attitude towards themselves. Constant comparing and evaluating their body makes it even worse. Sometimes, this goes beyond their hands and as a result, they take their lives.

Suffering from eating disorders? The best advice will be to consult a doctor (nutritionist or psychologist). Prevention is always better than cure.

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