Eccentric Training: Build your strength

There are several key factors of overall fitness. However, the major four of them are Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Speed, and body composition. These altogether come together to help us achieve our desired fitness goal.

Strength is an important part of this circle. It can be usually developed with help of weights; the process is called Strength or Resistance training. There are plenty of ways to build strength with one of them being Eccentric Training.

What is Eccentric Training?

Every training can be split into two parts -Concentric and Eccentric. Concentric is the phase when the muscle contracts and eccentric is when it stretches. Most people pay much attention to curling up the bars upwards (The concentric phase) but seldom pay attention to later.

Commonly known as negative reps, this training challenges the muscle by lengthening the load. The negative reps are slightly more important when it comes to hypertrophy and strength.

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How do negative reps build strength?

While performing negative reps, the muscles are more stressed than regular exercise. Thus, they break down more and get stronger. Sports psychologists believe that it builds better muscles by focusing more on the downward force.

According to a study by Pope et al in 2015, there is a significant increase in muscle fiber size due to increased blood flow restriction.

Other benefits of Eccentric Training

Apart from strength and muscular endurance, there are other benefits also.

1. Less Fatigue

Since the training focuses more on elongated muscles, there is less fatigue as compared to other exercises. But the results are faster and better than others.

2. Lower risk of injury

Negative reps are all about technique. With the right technique, the chances of injury are reduced drastically. Not only this, a study found that with new injuries, the risk of recurring injuries also reduced drastically.

3. Weight loss

Since the eccentric uses less oxygen and energy than concentric training, the metabolism enhances. This facilitates weight loss and makes it easier to get that lean body.

Eccentric training needs highly professional supervision. The wrong technique can often lead to negative results and sometimes, even injuries. Trainer’s supervision is necessary.

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