Over the past year and a half, the onset of Covid-19 has proved to us that our health should be one of utmost importance to us. Looking after yourself during such strange and uncertain times can be challenging. The psychological and physical effects associated with the virus and pandemic, in general, have definitely had an impact on us all. Virus transition happens through contact, it is essential to take extra precautions. Social distancing and maintaining a hygienic environment (by regularly washing hands, wearing masks, disinfecting, etc.) is an everyday practice now. Those affected by Covid-19 are many, but one among them is also professional athletes.

So imagine those who undergo years of meticulous and consistent training. The practice of individual disciplines pertaining to performance, nutrition, and physical training is crucial for athletes. Due to the pandemic, their rigorous routine is interrupted and temporarily halted. Following Public Health Policy, with the resumption of competitive sports, concern regarding whether it is medically agreeable for infected athletes to play arises.

COVID-19 and the Athlete's Heart: Guidance Continues to Evolve – Consult QD

Consequences of Covid-19 :

Deaths in athletics among competitive young athletes are a tragedy that alarms the general public heavily. Coronavirus has increased the probability of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases among people. Initially, the focus was on an increase in the risk of mortality due to respiratory concerns caused by Covid. Be that as it may, current research is being coordinated towards the cardiovascular complications brought about by Covid – 19.

The biggest concern for athletes’ health in connection with Covid is myocarditis. It is a condition in which the heart muscle inflates. Studies show how patients with Covid-19 can result in Myocarditis. According to PubMed Central, myocarditis causes 5-22 percent of cardiac arrests in athletes younger than 35 years old. Studies show the third leading cause of death in young people to be cardiac arrest.

The article from Frontiers in Sports and Active Living disclosed how individual sport athletes faced more psychological discomfort in comparison to team sports athletes. Moreover, it seems to be that athletes are persistently working to hone their physical and mental health to smoothen the recovery process of performance. Studies show how the correlation between lockdown and mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and stress is high.

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