Ultimate Guide to Garage Gym Equipment Essentials

Starting a garage gym? But you have no clue where to begin? This is the ultimate guide to essential Garage Gym Equipment. Though a gym membership may have benefits of its own, a garage gym is your personal sanctuary. A garage gym is only limited to your imagination and creativity. With the pandemic and the world going in and out of lockdowns, attending gym sessions regularly can be tricky.

Therefore, a garage gym can be created out of convenience or simply if you like to work out alone. But the actuality behind a garage gym is that that fitness does not require a location, just the right mindset. Thus, solidifying the idea that fitness is something that can make or break you. Nevertheless, the decision to live a healthy lifestyle can change your life.  

What are some gym essentials that can level up your garage gym? 

Well for starters, less is more. The lack of proper planning can make building a home gym a tiresome task. Furthermore, the fancier equipment is the one that catches people’s eye. 90% of the time people don’t even use most of what they buy.

List of everything you’ll need to start out your garage gym : 

  1. Kettlebells – This highly versatile equipment is a must for your home gym. With the proper knowledge on how to use Kettlebell training gives you a full body workout in only 20 minutes.
  2. Olympic Barbell Set – This equipment can be called as the fundamental for strength-training for an individual. It’s an excellent equipment that targets the biceps, lats and core of the person. You have a variety of options available like deadlifts, bench press, squats, military press etc. with this equipment. 
  3. Power Rack – This equipment will change your gym game. The power rack allows you to do your heavy lifting without having any assistance or a spotting partner. They act as a free mechanical spotter for various kinds of exercises.
  4. Dumbbells – The dumbbell targets more than just one muscle, rather it boots the overall strength of muscle, bones and connecting tissues. It targets the triceps, biceps, chest and shoulder. It offers an overall strength development if made of use correctly.  
  5. Jumping Rope – Jump roping has proved to play a significant role in the overall fitness level of an individual. It’s an incredibly efficient cardio exercise, increases bone density, improves stamina and agility as well as lung capacity It particularly targets the core and trunk muscles. 
  6. Flat Bench – It helps engage large muscle groups in a stabilized manner. A flat bench also increases upper body strength and lifting power.
  7. Resistance Bands – These workout bands are a win not because they are versatile, portable as well as affordable but additionally, they target both large and small groups of muscles simultaneously. 

A garage gym can be a great method to keep yourself motivated and ready to burn it out as and when you want. A home gym saves time and money. You can customize it down to the kind of music you want blasting through the speakers. Moreover, you don’t require a lot of space and certainly not that much equipment. Start off with the essentials and keep adding as your goals and preferences evolve.

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