Is fasting difficult? 

The answer depends upon the capability of the person and that’s what call endurance. How’s your endurance when fasting? Its answer depends upon the reason you are fasting.

Fasting is done either for devoting your belief toward a culture or for weight loss. 

Hunger is something that forces a person to cross a limit and once the person learned to control its hunger, the devil on the inside can be controlled.

Fasting is a great method to control yourself and knowing your limits and then later defeating that limit.  

Fasting is way more beneficial in the sense of health whether mental or physical. The way you gain more control over your willpower, the way you will able to fight with your body at the weak, will bring out something new, will bring it out a new you.  

Now again question are you able to do so? If you are a newbie in the field of fasting then it would have definitely gone hard. And if you are experienced then you don’t need this topic, but if you want someone else someone who is close to you wanted to be experienced like you then go ahead. 

1. Mind – Every game is the game of mind. What your mind says becomes your desire, but the good thing is you are the owner of the mind and you can easily control it. Keep calm and focus on controlling the mind, do yoga and mediation for winning the game. 

2. Ignore – Learn to ignore those things which make you feel weak and in fasting, food can definitely make you fall weak, so ignore. But don’t ignore the pain that again making you feel weak, fight against that pain, conquer the pain, and feels the victory it will be worth it. 

3. Results – If you are doing fasting for losing weight, intermittent fasting; think about the slim waist you will gain, lots of disease from your body will go away. The confidence that you will gain at the end of your hard works. Turn your result into greed. 


If you have medical unfitness some disease like blood pressure, diabetics, or even sick. Stop right there. If your body is ready to face that fasting process without damaging the body then there is no harm, but fasting in serious disease can fire back. If you are asked to take some medication daily and that even after the meal then doesn’t go for fasting dieting. 

It will harden in the first attempt, might be possibly failing but go for the second attempt, third attempt, fourth attempt, and like this there will be no more attempt just qualification. And like this one day, this endurance of fasting will be on another level and you will be challenging yourself for more harder with that endurance


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