Epsom Recovery Soak For Inflammation

Epsom recovery soak is one of the common segments of post workout recovery. This is because an epsom bath is very effective in treating and reducing inflammation. Also, it is well known for relaxing the body. Infact, it provides the much-needed rejuvenation after an intense workout session. Additionally, this soaking can relieve your painful muscles and joints.

What is Epsom Salt ? Its chemical name is Magnesium Sulphate. It is soluble in water. Hence, it is usually added in water for the soaking process. In addition to that, it is acidic in nature with a low pH. Furthermore, it tastes bitter due to its acidic nature.

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The Magnesium present in Epsom salt has numerous benefits. Also, it is one of the abundant elements of the human body. It has a prominent place in the proper functioning and various metabolic and cellular activities of the body. It aids proper muscle functioning. Besides, Magnesium is good for muscle recovery after a fast paced workout program. 

There are several other benefits of epsom salt. This can literally treat constipation. This in turn is good for your gut health and intestine. Also, taking Epsom salt pills can fill the Magnesium levels that are deficient in your body. Also, a few pieces of evidence claim that it can reduce the chances of getting a stroke. Plus, it may help in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy.

Why Is Epsom Recovery Soak Best For Sore Muscles ?

Epsom recovery soak is used because of its multiple perks over the body. Firstly, a study has proved that a periodic epsom bath could prevent dry and itchy skin. Also, it can reduce inflammation. Furthermore, it can provide comfort to sore muscles and the entire body. It can cure the stiffness present in the joints. Not only for post workout recovery, but an epsom bath can also treat the rashes caused because of sunburns.

 Epsom Recovery Soak

How to prepare an Epsom bath ? The easiest way to prepare the bath is to take some epsom salt and dissolve it in water (preferably lukewarm water depending on your skin tolerance). You can either sit in it or bathe with it. Thus, in both ways, you would definitely reap the maximum advantages. It definitely has a soothing effect on skin and the muscles. Indeed, it is the best way by which Magnesium can deeply penetrate in your skin cells to provide you the much needed relief.

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