Owing to the daily pressures of a modern hectic life, not a single person in this world is devoid of stress issues. Shuffling between various responsibilities in life, a person is continuously stressing over various things in his lifetime. And this applies to all genders of all ages in society. It is also known, that stress can adversely affect your health and have major negative impacts on your body. Therefore, it becomes important to manage the stress issues while simultaneously living a regular life. This article aims to provide you with more knowledge on stress and its relation to exercise. Lastly, it suggests a few basic exercises that one can incorporate into his regular routine without disturbing his routine.

Scientifically stress can be defined as an emotional or physical factor that results in bodily tensions and affecting the biological functions of the body. It can cause some serious health issues if not looked into a timely. Various mental and physical concerns are related to stress nowadays. A cardiovascular problem like diabetes, mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and physical
issues like neck and back pain are associated with increasing amounts of stress. Researches show that stress can also affect the behavior of an individual by altering sleep habits, diet, and drug consumption.

Such serious health issues lead to the requirement of a similarly serious management system. Stress management methods can be cognitive, behavioral, or psychological depending on the concerned individual. A much serious stress problem can also be treated by therapeutic sessions. However, it is possible to overcome mild stress by inculcating a few physical training sessions in your day-to-day life. Studies have shown that physical training can prove highly beneficial for relieving stress. It does not cost a penny and can improve a person’s mental health along with the usual physical benefits. Any sort of physical improvement in the body results in better handling of stress due to the elevation of hormones called endorphins in the body. Various exercises also result in increasing levels of stress-busting hormones like serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine, which release positivity in your body. Moreover, by concentrating more on the physical hard work one can distract himself easily from the numerous tasks that are stressing him.

A few exercises or rather physical activities a person can adopt to effectively work on relieving stress are explained below.

1. Stretches

Stretching is the most basic form of any physical activity. It can effectively release the tension from your body caused due to stiffened muscles. Reducing the stiffness causes a sensation of relaxation in your muscles and hence your body, consequently relieving stress. Stretching can be done anywhere at any point of time during the day, while at work sitting at a desk, while at home cooking, or watching TV, a 10 min stretch can prove very effective in reducing muscle stiffness and stress. It is known that morning stretches make you more energetic while night stretches can prove beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

2. Running

Running is another effective stress-buster. A good jog can help you feel rejuvenated and happy. Like many other exercises, running is also known to elevate the production of endorphins in your body and thus helping you relieve stress.

3. Yoga

The most commonly adopted form of physical activity in most houses is yoga. Yoga can be briefly defined as a combination of mind and body workouts formed from a combination of stretching, breathing, and holding postures. It helps you with stress by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate and improving the blood circulation in your body making you feel refreshed. A 10-minute yoga session with simple asanas like savasana or breathing exercises like pranayam can release a great amount of stress from your body and relax your mind.

Various other exercises and physical activities can be used to combat stress. A person must take care of his health along with his work. Make sure that you do not succumb to the hardships of the regular hectic routine. We hope that this article provided you with a way to relieve your stress. Stay happy!


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