On the red corner, we have a fat burner, and on the blue corner, we have the carb blocker

Fat burner that calm to burn excess fat from the body while crabs blocker block enzymes that digest the certain crab.


Don’t misunderstand the crab blocker with the crab you see on the beach, the weird-looking creature. Here the crab is a kind of fat gaining substance in food like sodas, desserts, flavored yogurts, pasta, bread, starchy vegetables like potatoes.

These crabs blocker digest these fatty substances from joining already existing body weight.  They are just like Doraemon who tries to block all the problems for and of Nobita. 

Doraemon – carb blocker

Nobita – you eating potatoes, enjoying the taste.

Just like Doraemon who not always able to solve the problem but can slow the process of a problem approaching him, so that loss can be less. Carbs blockers not always digest, they may slow down the process the digestion process.

Crab blocker substance contains some kind of enzyme that breaks down the complex crab or absorb them, not letting them be a part of calories. Just like Doraemon gadgets. But we all know Doraemon’s gadgets are not always helpful and sometimes create more chaos.  

And like this blue corner gain points. 

But our player on the red side is not less. The fat burner. Already standing with a loaded gun. 

Caffeine, green tea extract, protein powder, soluble fiber, yohimbine are some listed guns in the fat burner’s backpack. 

The fat burner increases your body’s metabolism and increases your energy expenditure or it can surpass your appetite. 

Fat burner supplement is like a newbie in the field of shooting, they might do great or can accidentally hit the wrong target making a great loss. 

Natural fat burner like apple the experienced one in shooting, won’t shoot early, but once the natural fat burner fires their gun it hit the target’s head.   

Firing the gun, the candidate at the blue corner gets its point.

So who is the winner, blue corner or red corner? Fat burner or carbs blockers. 

Well, whoever is your favorite. The fight is between these two is just like a sibling fight, fighting for any random things. And like always parents not being partial (that’s what they think) keeping the two separate.

But if you are taking a carb blocker or fat burner for weight loss then get through the ingredient if going for a supplement. And doesn’t totally depend upon the supplement. They may be helpful for time being but over consumption can be harmful. Regular exercise and yoga would be more beneficial for losing weight and healthy life.    


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