What is a fat burner? 

What is L-carnitine?

In the context of Vs.

The fat burner is burning the waste product, while L-carnitine is reusing the waste product. 

The motive of both things is the same, but achieving that goal both have a different path.

But in many ways, L-carnitine is counted as the best fat burner. So the Vs. is like between father and son. 

Father – Fat burner

Son – L-carnitine

The fat burner is an external supplement that is consumed for burning the calories from the body.  

But to be exact fat burner is much better if name as a promoter. It promotes the activity that takes place while doing exercise and gyming for reducing the body weight or for something else it accelerates that process. 

The name itself suggests a fat burner. But just taking the fat burner supplement can not burn your fat it requires proper diet and exercise in your daily routine.

L-carnitine is naturally occurring in our human body. It turns the body fat into energy. L-carnitine is also taken as a supplement if the body fails to produce the exact amount of L-carnitine. The main thing that L-carnitine is to produce energy for the body. L-carnitine has also counted for heart and brain a great ingredient. 

L-carnitine is not just for weight loss, it has more benefits. As L-carnitine transfer energy to mitochondria of cells which is the powerhouse of cell produce energy. It also stops extra fatty substances to grow in one place. 

However, we took the fat burner as a father and L-carnitine as a son, and here we are witnessing that son is much more capable than the father, so whom we will intake. 

But what we are missing is son is more capable but what the father does is much better than the son.

L-carnitine must be considered as the best fat burner, but it is too good to be just a fat burner because of its high technique quality. L-carnitine is also preferred for improving the infertility of men. 

While natural fat burner does provides these services but people who do workouts and gyming just can’t feed themselves of natural fat burner and diet. They need extra. And same goes for L-carnitine, but the consumption of L-carnitine can be increase by bringing the meat into the diet, but for veg and vegan people again supplement option comes. 

At the end of the match, it is clear that L-carnitine is much more beneficial than only fat burners. 

But adopting any one of them as your supplement, trainers and doctors should know what are your diet is? And especially the ingredient that may or may not is good, cause a person can be allergic. 

So the last thing that will decide the winner is your body, what actually suits your body. If your body reacts well with the fat burner then the fat burner is the winner, if the body copes up with L-carnitine than, L-carnitine gets the show light.


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