If you think taking fish oil is only good for your hair and skin, then thin again. Fish oil is highly
rich in omega-3, which provides high benefits to the human body.
What is fish oil?
Fish oil is a combined name of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid
(DHA) the kind of Omega-3 fatty acid.
Fish oil is great for heart health.
It doesn’t let diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Taking fish oil from early-
the stage at the preferable amount can keep your heart disease chart empty. Your heart will be
free from any kind of serious disease.
It also reduces the risk of getting a heart attack, these days heart attack is even common for
teenagers children because of weak heart, fish oil the epic supplement of omega-3 helps to
cut the cases of heart attack, whether kids or adults.
Fish oil increases the level of good cholesterol in the body, but it doesn’t overtake the bad
cholesterol. Good cholesterol has metabolism syndrome which prevents the body from

For high blood pressure, people look for fish oil. Fish oil maintains the blood pressure of
hypertension, low blood pressure patients should concern with doctors.
Ever heard of Arterial Plaque, might be a plaque of teeth that is common to hear, but plaque of
the heart is called arterial plaque. The arteries blood vessel which carries oxygen and
nutrient-rich blood get block by fatty and waxy like substance, the fatty and waxy substance
is called arterial plaque. Imagine the source of rich and nutrient water get block by stinky and
rotten things, will that water remain safe to drink, NO, the flow of water will slow down,
similarly the flow of blood will slow down, and the risk of heart failure. Fish oil helps to melt
the wax blocking the path of blood flow.
Arrhythmia another heart problem, the irregular heartbeat of people is named Arrhythmia. It
is a signal for a weak heart. Fish oil also takes care of arrhythmia and makes your heartbeat
like a human.
Fish oil doesn’t guarantee to stop the heart attack, it just reduces the scenario of getting a
heart attack. Fish oil may act like a toddler for you as a kid to walk, but won’t be there for life
long, Fish oil act in the same way. Let your doctor know whether you consume fish oil or not
and if yes so in what dosage. Take help from a doctor if you have health problems, don’t
depend on a single item.


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