Fish oil is a type of oil that is drawn out from fish tissues. Consumption of Fish oil has been increasingly becoming popular due to various reasons. Oils of some fishes like tuna, salmon, and mackerel are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids called omega-3, which are extremely beneficial for our health. But why are omega-3 supplements needed? Well, our body requires omega-3 to perform its function appropriately. However, neither the body is unable to produce the omega-3 fatty acids biologically nor it can convert omega-6 acids to omega-3, therefore, it needs to be consumed in the form of supplements like fish oil, which is a rich source. Two major omega-3 acids that are significantly present in fish oil are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Additionally, many essential vitamins and fats are also present in fish oil besides omega-3.

Fish oil is known to be effective in various areas of the body. They help reduce pain and swelling and thus are used in case of dry eyes. Another important function of the fatty acid present in fish oil is to prevent blood from clotting. Therefore, it is also recommended for patients suffering from various heart conditions. Other than these, fish oil is becoming quite popular among
women especially, due to its effectiveness in hair benefits.

Many people suffer from hair issues like hair loss, dry and flaky scalp, etc due to hereditary and genetic problems. Although one cannot completely avoid genetic problems, it is possible to reduce their effectiveness by following certain nutritional facts that might help you overcome them in the long run. Fish oil is one such supplement that can help you solve your hair problems.
The omega-3 present in the oil is known to have certain anti-inflammatory properties which can be beneficial in opening the hair follicles thereby promoting hair growth. Moreover, since omega-3 is considered a type of healthy fat, it can also be useful in treating dry and flaky scalp generally caused due to deficiency of essential oils in the scalp which also results in itchiness.
Additionally, the oil also helps in lubricating the hair resulting in brighter-looking lustrous hair. Studies have also shown that consumption of fish oil, in the long run, can also prove effective in preventing hair loss and increasing hair density as omega-3 provides the hair with all essential nutrients and encourages blood circulation in the scalp which results in hair growth.

However, there are still researches being carried out to explain various other health benefits of fish oil for hair, one can continue to intake the omega-3 supplement for other health benefits for the body.


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