Life has become so used to technology that we can’t imagine living without them. Everything is available on our phone through the internet. Remaining fit and keeping track.   

1. Leap fitness Group – The leap fitness group provide the various app on various health fitness from like – Home workout, Women workout at home, Lose Weight app for men, six-pack in 30 days, Lose weight app for women, etc. The best part of all these apps is that a person doesn’t require any equipment and easily done at home. The guide doing a workout by an animated character. They also let you chose your level of performing the workout, beginner, intermediate, or advance. They provide good results and are also free to use.

2. Google fit: health and activity tracking – Google fit has collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA). It tracks your workouts from phone or watch, monitor your goals, count your all moment. By this app, you will be updated with your daily workout and the importance of staying healthy also motivating you to stay healthy. 

3. Adidas Training by Runtastics – Workout fitness App – This app is for fat burn, strength training, total-body burn, working on your core stability, improving your balance and posture, feeling refreshed and confident. Help as an assistant in-home workout. It has more than 190 exercises for toning and strengthening the body. It targets you all over the body and provides you your desired body. But for high expertise training the app demand membership in th app. 

4. Crossfit – This app is ad-free, and help you to get into shape in 100 days. No gym is equipment is required neither any prior experience is required. Unlike others, it is new in the world of fitness app and already getting good reviews. 

5. Samsung Health – It records everything from your walking to various physical activities. Build-in with exercise for weight loss, staying fit. Guide you to achieve your fitness and diet goals. Gives the best fitness tip and daily updates about your fitness. You can link apps like Technogym and MyFitnessPal. 


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