An Amino acid which helps in a building block for protein, keep intestine healthy, heal wound and injuries also suggested for muscles gaining even strengthen the muscles and provide natural growth to cells present in the intestine. 


Glutamine does lots of work in the human body and to be more specific L-glutamine, one of two types of glutamine.

But does glutamine have anything to do with acne? 

Yes, Acne!! Occur cause of air follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. 

Now before blaming Glutamine totally for the reason of acne, know which are the diest which provoke acne in the body. 

Sugar, dairy products, fast foods, chocolate, greasy food, Whey protein powder, refined grain, foods rich in omega-6 fats, meat, and animal protein.

The above-listed things may be the reason for having acne.

While food and diet rich in Glutamine are meat and animal foods, seafood, Milk, Nut, Eggs, Cabbage, protein drinks, beans.

Two sets of food or diet lists, one that promotes acne while the other list which is rich in glutamine.

Now common in them are milk and dairy products and whey protein, meat and animal products, and food, also the protein.

Keeping L.H.S equal to R.H.S 

We can say that glutamine has something to do with acne. 

Since this not typical maths, the equation cannot prove the relation of two equal.

Glutamine may be the ‘MAYBE’ reason for the acne.

It can not be as natural nature of glutamine to give acne, it can also be the side effect of glutamine.  

The natural ingredient, minerals, or chemicals that affect the ace. 

If your skin is sensitive and reacts too fast then glutamine can be blamed for acne. 

Otherwise, glutamine is there to heal the pain and performing the role of pain relievers

Market supplement of Glutamine may cause acne either as a reaction or side effects.

There are chances of Maybe or Maybe not.   

If you are having acne then avoid most glutamine product foods as the body itself capable of getting produce. But if still the supplement is required then using veg contained the natural supplement like green vegetables are the best option. 

NOTE – Don’t feel uncomfortable, under confidence, or unsatisfied with yourself thinking acne makes you look ugly or something. It is very common in teenagers and adults, Acne can be treated, the only efforts and an ongoing mindset needed. Your face only defines 30% to you, the rest 70% is your personality and nature. So never discourage yourself from the cause of having acne on your face. 


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