Gluteal muscles activation rather than quads

What are gluteal muscles?

gluteal muscles or glutes are butt or hips muscles often called buttocks. They are the largest muscle region. It is a group of 3 muscles named gluteus Maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These muscles’ main motive is to make hip joint movements like rotation, expansion, and abduction. And, this article is about Activating glutes rather than quads to intensify gluteal muscles.

What are quads?

Or we should say quadriceps femoris muscle. It is an enormous muscle group of 4 muscles labeled as rectus femoris muscle, vastus lateralis muscle, vastus medialis muscle, vastus intermedius muscle. These four quadriceps are powerful extensors of the knee joints. Helps in major leg functions like walking, jumping, squatting, jogging, and other leg movements.
Let’s see how to emerge your gluteal region during a workout to strengthen your gluteal muscle

There are exercises and stretches to strengthen the Gluteal muscles and let’s se how to make them more effective for glutes:


it is a lower-body exercise that engages the hips and thigh area and tones this area also gains muscle mass and improve body posture
To activate the glutes while performing lunges, make sure a few things that are your trunk (upper body) slightly bends forward and make a similar angle to your ankle (70°) and your knee bend should make a 90° angle add weight to make it more effective. Here is an image to understand better.


Squats is a gluteal muscle-strengthening exercise where the trainee stands with open legs and lower their hips and bend.
To generates more pressure on the hips bend forward a little and go as low as possible and come back up push yourself from your butt muscles and feel the tension in your glutes. Understand better by this image.

gluteal exercise

Hip thrust:

The hip thrust is an excellent exercise to make those glutes muscles stronger. This exercise engages your glutes by pressing them upward.
Let’s see the right manner to do it.
Firstly, lie down on the bench, put your hands on the side, bend your knees, put your feet on the ground, squeeze your butts upward, and make it harder to try doing it with one leg on the Earth and the other on the other the air.
Just like in the given image.

Avoid weights if you are a beginner


Bridges is gluteal muscle exercise, it is quite similar to hip thrust, it’s just that your back would be on the ground and then you lift your butt up and feel the tension. Look at the image to know the right way.


In this article, we had studied what are glutes and what are quads and what are exercises for glutes, and how to do them right to make them glute dominant. Here is an article about if glute can cause back pain if you want to know about just tap here.

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