Arthritis is a very common yet dangerous problem and disorder among women and men. Most women are their prior victims, arthritis has become so normal in the mid-30s women. 

But what is Arthritis?

Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness, which typically worsen with age.

Imagine joint pain 24/7 in the body. And also the pain gets worse as time pass by, not every pain gey healed as time passes some get even more worsen. 

Not able to walk properly, not able to sleep, not able to looks the way as per the wish, not able to the independent just cause of arthritis. Arthritis is a worse nightmare that can come true. 

But every nightmare has its end if a person wants. Arthritis can be beaten just like the bad people in fairy tales. 

Here a person can win the battle against arthritis with the golden sword of exercise and yoga. There is nothing that exercise and yoga can’t beat.  

1. Aerobics – If you are in the beginning stage of arthritis and you had figured it out soon then it is great. Aerobics exercise sounds perfect for defeating arthritis. Aerobics exercises make your joints work and not allowing having stiffness. And if you are already in a worse case of arthritis, try to do mild or less aerobics exercise like simple legs, arms, waist exercise don’t over push yourself.

2. Stretching – It can help in increasing flexibility and bringing the joints into action. It also keeps the body warms which is highly required in time periods of arthritis. Stretching also keeps the stiffness away from the joints. Walking up in the morning first thing you can do is to stretch your body to the extent it can. Again no pressure yourself, things take time. 

3. Yoga – The ultimate fighting range against arthritis. There can be nothing best than yoga. No matter at what stage of arthritis you are, yoga will defeat it. Definitely, it will take time, a miracle doesn’t happen in one night but one day it happens. Yoga is that miracle. Not only it will lessen the pain but cut the root of arthritis from the body but the terms of the condition is that time is required to be invested.

4. Keep Moving – Don’t seat back and sympathize over pain, keep your body at the moment by doing something or anything. It would e hard, but will be beneficial and better than the coming future with arthritis. But surely avoid activity that involves cold water, cold water easily provokes pain. Invest the time in doing gardening, cycling, clay work, walking pr running even if possible make your body dance.  

Take medicines on time, and doing exercise on time is important too. Arthritis is something which is really ugly and everyone wants to get rid of and for getting rid of time is require and self care especially. 


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