“Mera solah ka dola, chhiyalis ki chhati” not everyone can relate this song with themself and to relate the song with them, they look for the gym. “From tomorrow I will go to the gym” most common dialogue spoke by men. Well whether they go or not, it’s up to them, but if you are here reading this article then we can assume that at least you are willing to take a shot of going gym and also spoke the above-written dialogue. And you are wondering now what to were for the gym.

1. Positive Mindset – Ya!!! Once you started don’t give up, It will be difficult for the first
day, second day, third day and eventually it will become a habit and routine. If still not
motivated think about the result at the end of hard work the perfect body with a
healthy structure and boosted confidence.
2. Hoodies – Oversize hoodies are way more comfortable for any kind of body. Hoodies
are acceptable in all seasons from summer to winter. Don’t buy body-fitting hoodies if
you are going to wear them in the gym, while doing a workout the body needs to feel
3. Top – A simple random tops or upper wear or t-shirt. With sleeves or without sleeves
choice is yours. T-shirt is available at low prices with attractive designs. Your body
can freely perform any stunt in the gym. And if you are wearing full sleeves be careful
that your elbow feels free to move and adjust.
4. Tracksuit – Athletes must be aware of the term tracksuit. It is a set of lower and upper
and another adaptable dressing for the gyms. You can buy three consecutive
tracksuits and the best part is that they easily absorb the sweat and get dry very fast
easily. You can buy it according to your body standard size. Many sports companies
are competing with each other, so you can easily purchase it by comparing one
brand to another.
5. Jersey – Again many sports companies providing jersey material clothes. Now, this
material of clothes is especially design for sports players which is highly compatible
with absorbing sweat and smell too. And just like a tracksuit jersey is also washable
and easy to maintain.
6. Track pants/Lowers and shorts – A combination of tops and hoodies. According to
your comfort of the body. If you are not so in heavy and intense work out then
lowers and track pants are a good choice, but if you are there for whole bodybuilding
then go for the shorts. While doing a leg workout your legs will free to cope up with
the muscles and nerves stretching.


Buy the clothes in which your body feels freer to move and perform the required
tasks of the gym. You are not forced to buy clothes from any high brand, if not able to
afford, even local brands can also provide the services at least to a satisfactory level.
Before buying any kind of clothes wisely look for a size chart as every brand and
company has its own standard size and it can vary from one to one.


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