Everything that your muscles body requires is “Protein, Protein, and Protein”. Got the promotion and my work schedule became more hectic, with no time for gyming, body maintenance, lost motivation for continuing bodybuilding, or the thought of taking retirement from athlete life. But doesn’t mean to lose your healthy and fit body shape, especially those muscles on which once you did lots of effort to stay on your body, losing them won’t be fair right!!!! Let’s assume that there can be many reasons for a person not to get trained, but there can be many ways to prevent your loss i.e prevent your muscle to lose which is directly affected to our body structure to our confidence in our mental health.

Prevent Muscle loss with protein

In order to prevent muscles loss with protein, things have to follow, a simple easy step with
involvement of protein
1. Protein Intake – Taking protein is fine, but the question is which protein should be taken. Animal-based protein or animal-based protein though both will provide protein in their respective way, it also depends on the effect on the human body and might be their fooding habitual. So first decide how you’re gonna consume protein.
2. Clock for Protein – What will be the best time when the body will actively participate in the intake of protein. If you are still a little bit active with your exercise things then after it. As protein then will start capturing the place in your body which got exhausted and injured and will repair them. Taking protein before sleeping is best.
Note – An only supplement of protein like capsules, powder or bar (Protein in breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a must)
3. Quantity of Protein – If protein is so good that doesn’t mean that only protein and protein are consumed, high dose or beyond limits everything is harmful i.e extra protein too. Consumption of protein totally depends upon the body of a person, you
can’t feel 10 liter water in a 6 liter. But still there are standard sizes of bucket and 30- 40 grams protein should be present in one day’s meal.
4. Creatine – An alternative supplement which helps the body muscle to grow and strengthen. The best option for preventing muscle loss in fact might be little but gaining them. But only if doctors or trained people advise soo.

It can only preserve the loss of muscles, won’t increase them. Apart from this there can be many things in your life that can cause you to lose your muscles and strength. One should keep in mind that the body doesn’t remain the same, the needs and requirements change from age to age and gender to gender.


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