For everyone looking to get fit and lose weight the two most common physical activities, they engage themselves in is HIIT (high-intensity interval training) or weight training. HIIT is a form of cardio but in a short span of time while weight training is essentially an effective way to build muscle at a lower heart rate in comparison to HIIT. With all the benefits and misconceptions revolving around both physical activities it is easy to get swayed or persuaded. Therefore we tend to summarize both of these exercises to our readers to help them choose one for themselves.

Weight lifting involves lifting heavy weights to increase muscle involvement to strengthen and build them. The fat store layer in the body is shed leading to the development of the muscle layer. Weight training helps you in retaining the muscles while simultaneously decreasing the consumption of calories. It primarily works by keeping your metabolic rate high, which thus prevents you from storing fat content.

HIIT or high-intensity interval training on the other hand focuses more on your cardiovascular system. The prime focus of HIIT is burning calories, unlike weight training which focuses more on building muscle. In fact, HIIT is so hard on your body that it is often recommended to perform on alternative days while resting your body on the other days to avoid too much strain. It basically ensures that you lose weight with the combination of high-intensity cardio for a shorter time span and more reps yielding effective results.

Although both HIIT and weight lifting promotes weight loss, they approach different methods. HIIT alters your heart rate which helps you to maximize the number of calories burnt. However, when combined with weight training, it can become more effective. Weight training on the other hand is more effective for increasing muscle strength and endurance besides burning fat. You can choose one of the two based on what your target or goal is. However, the best way is to combine them both to maximize their individual benefits and improve overall health.


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