What is Indian Wrestling?

Kushti developed during the Mughal Era in the subcontinent. This was the combination of ancient Indian and Persian combat art forms. It is a form of Indian wrestling. kushti really started to thrive during the colonial rule of the British.

It eventually became a commercial sport with the induction of promoters and matchmakers. Thousands of spectators would gather in the arena to watch these matches and there, some of them would bet on their favorite wrestler.

The style of Indian wrestling, also known as Pehlwani and the person referred to as Pehlwan. kushti, The traditional Indian wrestling take place in “Akhada“. Akhada is a place for practicing Indian wrestling, in other words the school of wrestling. Indian wrestlers or pehlwan live under some strict set of rules made by the trainer or ustad.There are very few Akhada’s are remaining in India. Some dedicated peoples are still working to keep alive The Indian Wrestling. This is very popular sport in India as well as in neighboring countries.

What is the diet for actual Pehelwans?

The kushti daily diet is dreamy. It consists of 200 almonds, seven to 10 eggs, a pound of mutton, several bananas, some green vegetables, and a half-pound of clarified butter, or ghee. They refrain from alcohol and tobacco, in keeping with the near-asceticism expected of a serious kushti wrestle.

As a vigorous activity, wrestling has an inherently rajasic nature, which pehlwan counteracts through the consumption of sattvic foods. Milk and ghee are the most sattvic of foods and, along with almonds, constitute the diet’s holy trinity. Sprouted chickpeas seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon are a good type of snack for Pehelwans. Wrestlers are to avoid sour and excessively spiced foods.

What is the training regime for wrestling?

The training regimen has remained the same for over 150 years. Fledgling wrestlers may start as early as 6. But most begin formal training in their teens. The chickpea water is good too. Their only training attire is the loincloth.

Physical training builds strength and develops muscle bulk and flexibility. Exercises that employ the wrestler’s body weight are the practice and the use of another person’s body weight to add resistance to such activities. The wrestlers’ training place is an Akhara. This is a school for wrestlers. A strict diet regime, training and personal life is followed here as well. Non-vegetarian food is not served. The stress is on almonds, milk, fruits, pure ghee and Milk.

The head of the Akhara is the ‘Guru’ who is invariably a Kushti champion himself. The exercise system for the Phelwans also follows the Indian system of exercise and includes exercising with large wooden clubs, Dands (Push ups) and Baithks (squats). Weights are rarely used. The wrestlers build up their strength by clubs of various weights and sizes.

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