How do muscle gain without protein powder

Muscle gain is about increasing the muscle mass and reducing body fat and fat, it means the fat between the skin and muscle which is known as subcutaneous fat. An average man can gain muscle up to 2 pounds and an average woman can gain up to 1 pound of muscle.
To build muscle you need to provide your body all the essential nutrients and work out. Although protein powder is a great supplement for muscle gain, this article is about gaining muscle without protein.

Ways to grow muscles without protein powder

Eat unprocessed diet

Eating healthy is essential Because even if you do all the workouts right, not having a correct diet will not help you grow muscle mass. So, it is important to eat unprocessed or minimal processed food as it has more nutrients than processed food.

Some essential nutritional food for muscle gain is

• protein from clean sources
• Healthy dairy sources, such as unsweetened grass-fed yogurt
• Healthy fats including wild-caught fish
• Plenty of colorful vegetables
• Nutrient-dense fruits, especially berries and other low-sugar fruits
• Nuts, seeds, and nut and seed butter
• Legumes, sweet potatoes, and gluten-free grains including brown rice

Exercise regularly

Staying regular with your workout is important to build muscle. With the help of the right workout, you will be able to maintain and improve muscle mass.
Some important exercises 2 build muscle mass such as:
• Bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, lunges, pullups, and so on.
• Weight exercises such as deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, etc.
• Exercises with resistance band


Rest is necessary to gain muscle because constant workout creates microscopic tears in your muscles tissue. But during rest, cells called fibroblasts repair it. That is why rest days are to build muscle.

Protein powder is important for muscle gain but other supplements are beneficial for it like:

• Creatine
• BCAA (Branched-chain of Amino Acids)
• Weight gainers
Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate (HMB)

To know the difference between creatine and BCAAs check this article CREATINE VS BCAAS (WHICH ONE IS BETTER)

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