Creatine is a supplement of protein which provides strength and growth to the muscles. Help
them to recover from injuries, physical injuries, and also beneficial in burning cases.
The source of energy ATP in the body also the storage of energy. ATP is energy-carrying
molecules from cell to cell.
Creatine can be consumed from protein giving food like meat and fish or nuts. Which is best
for people who are not much involved in intensive workouts, but if you are an athlete or
some kind of bodybuilders then a supplement of creatine is part of your life.
Creatine is the most common thing you have heard in your workout life. As it is good for
muscles and growth of muscles and indeed they are. But how does creatine help? What
happens inside the body when creatine is taken. How does our body deals with the creatine
and make it effective as an energy provider?

Now what happens, from the body energy source ATP energy is utilized while doing
workouts which lead to falling of the level of creatine already store. Also, the release of ATP
when ADP is utilizing. When we intake creatine from outsourcing it gets combined with the
phosphate molecules to produce ATP and again when we continue our workouts ATP
breakdowns in ADP
ATP = ADP + Energy
ATP storing and giving energy to the body, the body did the workout demanded more ATP
and utilized it, Soon used ATP get converted into ADP, Creatine came in contact with the
released ADP and created more ATP, which further provides more energy to the body to
ADP is of no use in the body if not converted into ATP.
What creatine does is, provide Phosphate to ADP which again gets converted into ATP
Think of your phone. Your phone is fully charged, but slowly- slowly when you started using
your phone from listening to songs to sending emails, calling your friends to click the photos
of th moments, from shopping to finishing a web series. Your phone performed lots of
functions in a day and the battery gets drain. Exactly the way our energy gets drain outs
when doing workouts. Now what we require to charge our phone so that we can continue
with our working, phone needs chargers while your body needs creatine.
The same way phone’s charger works for charging phones, the same way creatine works in
charging the ATP or converting ADP into ATP.
Creatine in the body makes the availability of energy in the body easily. That’s the most
important part here. When the body won’t be lacking in energy it will eventually start fighting
the muscle pain and healing them.
Creatine act as a battery or power bank for athletes, bodybuilders, and gyming people.
Since creatine is taken in a supplement, it doesn’t waste time in orientation and immediately
starts working in the body.


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