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LISS – Low-intensity steady-state. It is a method of cardiovascular exercise, performing aerobic activity from low level to moderate for a long time of periods. When the aerobic word has come then definitely it would be related to the heart. It keeps your heart rate a little extra.

And it is opposite to High-Intensity Interval (HIIT). In High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) where the body is engaged with high-intensity kinds of exercise for the short term, here in Low-intensity steady-state (LISS) the time period is extended. 

Low-intensity steady-state (LISS) is involved with cardio exercise. Running, swimming, rope skipping for a continuous session and results take time.

Low-intensity steady-state(LISS) is like average students who also study the same material but they are neither topper nor failure and not a one-night study people. They go with the flow and slow the results in upcoming later days. 

The Low-intensity steady-state (LISS) asks for fifty to sixty minutes. Researchers say that Low-intensity steady-state (LISS) burn calories and the fat more rated way in comparison to  High-Intensity Interval (HIIT). 

The Low-intensity steady-state (LISS) builds the endurance level. It is best for beginners in the field of exercise. LISS is a syllabus pattern exercise, going according to the syllabus won’t harm. It mostly becomes a lifestyle of people, a daily routine just like bathing and brushing.  

It turns out to be a good habit and keeps your body for a long going. The results might be slow, but the effects will be continued even if you stop one day. 

The Low-intensity steady-state (LISS) wants your one hour daily to bring your fitness and health, making your body feel fresh. In this, you won’t feel exhausted like in High-Intensity Interval, opposite your body will perform more active and therefore people go for The Low-intensity steady-state (LISS).

Doing everything from day one is never advised, the name itself suggest slow and steady. Consult a physician and let him/her know about your body or allow them to check your body and let you know how much better your body is for the Low-intensity steady-state (LISS), or might be High-Intensity Interval (HIIT). 

With the going workout remember to take care of your proper diet, the body will demand extra protein and nutrients and if the body won’t get that sufficient amount of energy for performing further training then all the efforts will go in vain. 


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