How Does Running Improves Physique

How does running improves physique?

Running is the fastest mode of moving on feet from one point to another for human beings and other animals. Running is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises (cardiovascular means those exercises which intensify the heart rate and breathing and elevates the blood flow).

It engages a lot of muscles while running like glutes, hamstring, quadriceps, calf muscles also works on the abdominal. Well, running is a simple exercise but at the same time it’s hard for an irregular runner to run for longer than few minutes and after a few, they might get tired and start gasping but for regular runners, it is normal to runner for a long period of time and they tends to have lower pulse rate than irregular or non-runners.


Running has a lot of incredible benefits that you never imagined let’s check them out.

1. It has many heart benefits:

Running strengthen your heart health. It controls your blood pressure, minimizes the risk of heart diseases and it gives strength to your heart walls.

2. Running improves mood quality:

Yes. Running improves your mood, after running your release feel-good hormones which give you a happy feeling. Even psychiatrists advise running for depression patients, some people do running just to feel good.

3. Running gives solidity to your joints:

The joints of runners are way stronger than other people. People who use to run regularly have 50% stronger joints than people who just walk.

4. Burn calories:

Running needs a lot of energy that is why while running fast and against the airflow, calories burn faster, in average running burns 11 calories per minute, whereas walking burns 6 calories per minute.

5. Running makes your legs stronger:

While running it engages all the muscles of the legs, it gives strength to inner thigh muscles and outer thigh muscles. It also your calves stronger.

The most important benefit of running I’m going to talk about is how running improves body posture?

Running improves your body posture we say physique, runners tend to have better body posture than others who don’t run regularly. Let’s see the steps of running.

Step 1.
Wear your running shoes, wearing the correct shoe is important which is comfortable and perfectly fit or it might have some afterward effect. It might cause common leg injuries and can affect your posture.

Step 2. Do Pre running stretches and exercises to warm up your body like shoulder stretch, lunges, leg swings, butt kicks, and high knee to prepare your body to run?

Step 3. Make the right posture while running and that is, keep your torso straight and steady, Keep your head straight up and look front only, your arms should swing and keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees and let your fists relax

And, there you are ready to run most efficiently.


In this article, you have read about running and what are the benefits of running, and finally how to run to improve your posture. for further improving your posture these are five mobility exercises.

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