Endurance doesn’t build in one day but slowly-slowly one day, but the truth is endurance always remains under construction, the more you want to build endurance, the less stratified you will feel with existing endurance. 

Endurance – The ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

Endurance is a very positive word, but not easy to use while describing someone or something. Cause the word endurance has its own parameter to defines the difficulties and situation. The parameter depends upon the person to person.

1. Mindset – Cut off yourself from negative people around, those who are always with a ‘give up’ mindset. And also remove the giving up thought from the mind. If you really wanted to face challenges then learn and find a way to welcome the challenge with a smiling face. Never doubt yourself. If your mind can think to do something then your body can execute those things.

2. Day by Day – Don’t overwork yourself from day one, but start doing day by day. Step-Step take walk upon the stairs otherwise in hurry you can fall from the height and end up hurting yourself. Do as much you can, don’t force your body for more otherwise you will end up getting losing whatever you are having.

3. Don’t lose hope and don’t hope too much – The world is going on hope, but dying from the expectation. Expectation kill. Don’t be so drown with the positive light, save the darkness for future purpose. Believe yourself, but don’t overconfidence yourself. 

4. Say goodbye to BREAK – Taking a break is important, but after achieving what you desired. If you really want to build your endurance for anything then don’t take a break before getting that thing.

5. Defeat yourself – Nobody literally nobody, but fight against yourself, defeats yourself, break your own record, challenges your own strength. You are your biggest opponent. See your daily update or monthly update. How much you changed in a good way. Your new version must be much updated than the previous version.

6. Happiness – There is no use in doing building if you are not comfortable and happy. Try to engage yourself in doing that thing in interesting if you don’t want to do it. In real life many time we have to build our endurance for something that we are mot even ready but the situation make us face it, and then it is a time to smile and enjoy seeing our endurance building. 
7. Maintenance – Getting things to build is great but maintaining is equally or even more important. For further construction, maintenance is a legal requirement. Even if you are not looking for challenging yourself in the future but it is an urge to keep challenging already existing endurance.


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