We all know the importance of water. Water is essential for all life processes. It is the essence of life on our planet. Infact, every single organism on Earth depends primarily on water for their survival. But do you know that water plays a crucial role in muscle building ?


Bodybuilding is important for athletes and bodybuilders. Muscle building requires intense workout, strict diet and seamless motivation. Further, many people take various supplements to get a perfect, hard- core body. But there is one more component that could deliberately benefit your journey. Yes, it is nothing other than water.

a galss of water

How Can Water Influence The Journey Of Muscle Building ?

It Acts As A Joint Lubricator

The default joint lubricator of our body is synovial fluid. Water plays a key role in the profuse production of this fluid. Absence of hydration in your body could result in the creation of dryness around the joints. This leads to pain and cracking in joints, leading to difficulty in lifting weights.

It Cures Injuries In No Time

When someone does weight lifting or cycling, they are bound to get internal injuries at some point of time. Water helps you recover way quicker than the regular times. Dehydration could delay the healing process and make the muscle tissues more sore than before. Hence, when in pain, drink water !

It Provides Muscular Strength

You must have always heard that it is important to drink a glass of water immediately after waking. And it is also advised to workout in the morning, at least 30 minutes after drinking water. Have you wondered why ? This is because when you gulp a few sips of water some time before workout, it releases electrolytes into our system. This maintains and neutralizes the system, creating a healthy environment for effective muscle growth.

It Avoids Muscular Breakdown

A study shows that drinking plenty of water throughout the day is shown to prevent shrinkage of muscle cells during workout. This shrinkage leads to muscular breakdown, which could be prevented if one maintains a required amount of water in their day- to- day life. 

Muscle Growth Supporter

Including enough water in your routine could help in immense growth of muscle tissues. It provides appropriate nourishment to the muscle cells. As the muscular fibres get adequate moisturisation, they grow. They grow and develop in the right direction. Hence, water also plays a role in muscle development.


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