How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is not just a way of having fun but it is also a challenging workout to burn calories and strengthen your entire body. This exercise is not only for those who favor low-impact workouts, but also those who enjoy working out in a group.

The group dynamic and the energetic music common in Aqua Zumba workouts keep you entertained as you get in shape.

How many calories burn through Aqua Zumba

There are many health reports available which say a 175-pound person will burn 315 calories during 60 minutes of water aerobics and 630-700 calories in 60 minutes of standard Zumba. Devoting at least 300 minutes per week to aerobic exercise can have you well on your way toward losing weight.

Benefits of Aqua Zumba

It offers you excellent cardio-conditioning with low impact workouts that ensure to trigger the problematic areas and burn calories while going easy on the joints.

Since water is more resistant than land, it will help identify the problems which are limiting you from carrying those movements. Once you recognise that, it will become easier to learn new moves and combat physical insecurities. It’s a great way to burn calories regularly without risking your health.

It is an effective way to lose fat. All you have to do is improve your performance and work out a little longer than usual.

If you are suffering from joint issues then regular cardio workout perhaps affects your neck, knees and shoulder. And for this situation aqua zumba comes to rescue.

It is great for those athletes who are injured and are recovering.

Aqua Zumba is one of the fresh ways to get yourself in a good shape and burn more calories without feeling difficult on the body.

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