How many IFBB pros use steroids?

Ever wondered how some bodybuilders looked so jacked? So much so sometimes you can literally every nerve in their body. Have you been curious to know about the relevance of steroids in the bodybuilding community? IFBB or International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

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Studies show how a professional bodybuilder uses 10 times more of the dosage in comparison with that of a common man. The extent of how much the professionals consume also varies significantly. There also has been constant change in the field of steroid consumption be it for a  professional, amateur, or even a natural bodybuilder.

Steroid Use

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There exist three modes of steroid consumption – it can be taken orally, in the form of creams, or through drops or inhalers. Depending on the steroid and the individual steroids or other drugs consumption is usually cycled.

The process consists of the bulking and the cutting phase. Blasting is when there is heavy use for 8-12 weeks. The bulking and cutting phase also regulates the individual’s food, training, and every other factor. But those on steroids now don’t particularly need to train as hard. While the cruising phase happens post-competition – they remain on the dosage but now it’s a little more relaxed.

While we cannot determine the exact percentage, all of them in the big league use steroids. The training and preparation for the competitions begin months before. Therefore, in relevance to their goals and time constraint, they determine their steroid dosage and cycle. 

It just proves how steroids are 100% an integral and very crucial part of the Professional Bodybuilding sphere. Including amateurs, women bikini competitors, Mr. Olympia, etc. If you are interested in Professional bodybuilding, some of it comes with accepting the fact that it’s not 100% natural out there.

Take away :

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If you do your research and are smart about it, they are less prone to have serious issues. Many factors influence the effect of steroids on the body. It is crucial to consider all the possible factors before making any decision. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon, rather determine what and what does not work for you. 

Genetic factors also make them prone to certain health issues, but there is a chance that this can arise regardless of the steroids. Abuse of anything, excess of anything be it steroids or any other drugs can put you at risk. 

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