Calisthenics is a form of physical training that is in resemblance to gymnastics. Calisthenics results in an impressive lean yet muscular physique using the technique of muscle hypertrophy and resistance training. One might wonder how much time would such a non-intensive and non-hardcore physical exercise would take for visible results. Let us brief it a little for you guys.

Like all other activities, calisthenics also depends on your frequency. Initially, the results are not likely to be visible in a few months of the beginning. However, significant changes can be seen by a year once you are frequent enough. People are interested in faster results, which might cause severe injuries. Prolonged results can only be seen after regular and effective training rather than quick training.

Approximately one year of calisthenics can cause tremendously visible results especially in the upper body and core area. Calisthenics is also effective for your back, arms and shoulders. However, the lower body including legs takes much more time for the perfect shape, therefore one can train the legs 2-3 times in a week for comparatively faster results. The beginning of perfect physique generally starts with abs and v-cut showing significant results due to fat loss. However, alongside physical training, it is important that you simultaneously focus on your diet and nutrition.

To start with first three months of calisthenics focus on basic movements and exercises. It is during this phase that the body starts adapting the technique and burning fat. The starting period is often considered difficult due to muscle soreness, but after the adaption, the body results in faster recoveries and improved techniques. It is important that you do not give up and continue with basic movements like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats and gradually increase reps. Considerable improvement can be seen and is enough to motivate you to continue with calisthenics.

It is in the second phase after 6 months one can see the muscle build and lessen body fat. At this point, one can indulge in more advanced exercises like push-ups or handstands. A person can also increase the frequency, to stimulate more muscle growth and faster results. The complete transformation can only be seen after a year or so where the body fat of a person ranges between 7-10%. However, these results will only last long if you are consistent with your physical training and diet. A long break might result in the loss of momentum, consequently resulting in the loss of the hard-earned muscle.

In a nutshell, significant results can be expected from practicing calisthenics for around a year. It is often recommended for people looking for long-lasting results no matter how much time it would take. Thus, if one is interested in a more fun way to physical train
yourself, calisthenics is the way to go.


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