How Safe Is Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

We have all known about the Ketogenic Diet. It is a diet plan in which one goes on carb deficit. Our body burns fats to produce ketones. These ketones are then used to generate energy. And this energy generation is called Ketosis. Then what is a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

cyclical ketogenic diet

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet  (CKD) is a diet plan in which there is up and down of ketosis. In a week, 5-6 days are allotted to ketosis, while the other two days are for carb consumption. In simple words, there is following and unfollowing of the keto diet. The cycle of on and off of the following keto diet is Cyclic Ketosis. There is a carb deficit in the maximum days, while the rest is for heavy carb intake.

Is Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Safe

Many studies have shown that it is okay to follow a cyclic keto diet. Still, it has many downfall factors. We will discuss the risk factors in the other part of this article. There are some benefits of CKD. Hence, let’s go on to know its benefits one by one.

  • It is useful in treating keto flu. A common symptom of this flu is constipation. One who follows a keto diet is most likely to get through this. Hence, cyclic ketosis is useful here. It brings back the fibres lost during keto diet. For example, one can eat quinoa, oats, legumes, etc.
  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet satiates the cravings. When we are on a keto diet, we are deficient in carbs. This generates cravings, which is quite normal. When we follow cyclic ketosis, it fills the void of carbs. Consequently, we can concentrate on the diet plan more easily.
  • It promotes muscle growth. We all know how important carbohydrates are for muscular growth and development. It supports the maintenance of lean muscle mass. This technique doesn’t let you get fat while building strong muscles. Undoubtedly, the cyclic keto diet is prevalent among athletes and bodybuilders.

Drawbacks Of Cyclic Ketosis 

Everything in this world has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get to see the potential drawbacks of Cyclic Ketosis.

  • Firstly, it is very unclear whether it is totally safe or not. Since there are limited studies on this diet plan, it is difficult to decide.
  • High calorie consumption on cheat days is a contradictory part to weight loss program. Too much of carbs may hamper your health.
  • Not only this, but it may also lead to temporary weight gain.


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