How To Achieve A Perfect Mind-Muscle Connection ?

Our mind is the most important part of our body. You must have always heard this: It’s all in your mind. Well, this is absolutely correct. Evidently, it is true in the case of working out as well. When our muscles and mind meet, wonders take place. But how to achieve a perfect mind-muscle connection ? Let’s find out.

Mind Muscle Connection (MMC) is the bridging between our muscles and mind. It is a way to bring both the parts to an equilibrium. Clearly, it is an ultimate linkage of your muscles and mind. It means that you are mentally aware of the happenings during your workout. You are so engrossed in your muscle training that you cannot get distracted. Undoubtedly, this is the most important factor of getting a perfect body.

Mind-Muscle Connection

When a muscle contracts, it sends a signal to the brain. The process takes place at a neuromuscular junction. This is the meeting point of mind and muscle. A neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine is released. This chemical neurotransmitter interacts with the muscle fibres. 

The process is simple yet important. The more you improve this communication, the better it would be to achieve a muscular body. It is indeed a two-way process. If you pay more attention to what your muscles need, this would get better. Consequently, you would be able to achieve a perfect MMC. 

Ways To Achieve A Perfect Mind-Muscle Connection

It takes time for our body to bring both the mind and muscle to a balancing state. But it is not that difficult. Moreover, it takes patience and dedication to get an MMC. Therefore, here are a few ways by which one can attain mind-muscle connection.

  • Your ultimate focus should be on building powerful muscles. This is indeed the most important step when it comes to MMC. Try to concentrate on muscle training. It would be fun to lift more weights every single day, but this is not how it works. 
  • Plan your workout schedule. There are many who workout. But not all achieve it. This could be because of lack of planning. Firstly, it is important to get an actual workout plan. Try to set realistic goals and set deadlines. You can involve varieties of workout like freestyle, circuit training and more.
  • Prepare your body with a nice warmup session. Our body is in a sedentary state before our workout. But when we think of exercising, it is important to get our body ready for this. When we receive a thought, our mind is ready, but our muscles aren’t. So in order to improve our MMC, it is important to warm up. 


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