Most people struggle through a rollercoaster journey of weight gain, once they are done with their weight loss journey. The weight loss training a person goes through and the happiness he feels once he achieves his results, are taken aback by the rebound weight gain. Most of the time, a rebound weight gain is natural. However, some doctors blame your “weight set point” for this phenomenon. Weight gain point can be defined as the set weight your body is acquired to have. This depends on various factors like genetics, environment, hormones, and most importantly your metabolism. One’s metabolism is responsible for burning the energy at a particular rate that will be responsible for maintaining your weight set point.

The most common and chemical reason for rebound weight gain is our body functions itself. Our body is efficient and capable enough to make up for the things we lack. After a weight loss diet, if our body feels the lack of calories for energy it is self-sufficient to adjust itself to gain a few calories, the result of which you might see as weight gain. We are biologically programmed to store up fats in our bodies in case of emergency situations. So, it is more than natural to gain back weight, unless we work on it for the long term.

However, it is not completely impossible to avoid the rebound weight. The most basic method is to keep a check on your diet for a longer amount of time. Avoid eating high cholesterol and junk food which are harmful to your health in the long run. The best way to remain in form is to follow a sustainable approach to dieting and exercising. Secondly, our gastrointestinal tract or the gut is home to numerous good bacteria, that keep your body healthy and fit. Therefore, it is important to keep your gut healthy to sustain what you have gained during your weight loss regime. Foods like yogurt, fish, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, fiber are beneficial to your gut and are often recommended to be included in your regular diet. Another obvious way to maintain your weight is to keep sweating at least 3 days a week. One can adopt to work out 60 minutes or 30 minutes depending on their workout regime. Although each person’s body is expected to react differently, most trainers suggest working on your metabolism by adopting weight training methods at least twice a week. Psychological factors like stress make people crave unhealthy snacks and cause an increase in the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which results in higher insulin levels and lower blood sugar, consequently resulting in an unhealthy body function.

One should make sure your body gets enough nutrients including proteins and minerals to keep your weight set point in order. Your body does a lot of hard work throughout its lifetime to keep your weight in place, thus it is your responsibility to make sure that your body gets enough sleep and rest throughout the day. It is important to take breaks and relax, to give time to your body to recover from the damages it has been facing. Moreover, it is important to realize that weight gain is a natural process of the body, therefore there is no reason to get anxious about it.


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