How to build lean muscles for females?

Females desire strong and built up muscle but without looking bulky. Somewhere we all know that females avoid looking bulky. And there is nothing wrong in thinking such a way and in the end, it is your body and it will always be your call. 

But still, we have witnessed many women with toned bodies and strong muscles, well that’s a lean of muscles. 

Strong and beauty together have always been a deadly combination that every woman desire for themselves. 

So if you are deciding to go on the same track and attain a deadly combination then you are always most welcome. 

NOTE – Losing weight and losing fat are two different things and losing two things is done by a different method.

Lean muscles are about losing fat from the body but not the weight from the body. The target is unhealthy and unrequired fat stored in the body.

Lean muscles are muscles is the total weight of your body and minus all fat weight.

Nothing is possible without doing any kind of workout in the body and when it is about lean muscles then forget about distracting your workout routine even for a day.

1. Cardio Excercise – This is Running, Elliptical, Cycling, Swimming, Rope Jumping, etc, for Weight loss, Strong heart, More Energy, Better Sleep. Mostly Cardio is required for maintaining energy level in the body and removing the fat by burning the body fat.

2. HIIT – High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) workout is a broad term that involves a short term of high-intensity exercise alternated with a recovery period. High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) requires ten to thirty minutes. The duration from ten to thirty minutes involves the engagement of high intensive exercise like speed walking, climbing stairs, rope jumping, etc. 

3. Protein – Body is weak empty can without protein in it. Protein is essential for our body diet, especially for athletes and bodybuilders. Protein is the main reason for the growth of humans at every stage of life. Protein provides your body enough power to keep going with heavy workouts without harming the body.

4. Diet – A well-designed diet is a compulsion. A diet through which you are maintaining your calories as well as intaking protein. Prepare a weekly diet for your body and follow as per the guidance.

5. Lifestyle – One night you won’t get anything. And just by doing two things can’t give you enough things. Maintaining a routine and positive and effective lifestyle is important, it will increase the efficiency of your efforts and get beautiful results. Wake up early in the morning, staying active, the amount of time should be pardon to mediation and yoga.   

Concern your physician whether your body is eligible for performing the high-intensity workouts and focus or not.

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