How to calculate the zone diet?

But, what is the zone diet?

Zone diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears. And this diet is 30+ in the world of diet.

Zone diet is a ratio between protein and carbohydrate. one-third protein to two-thirds carbohydrate. 

Zone diet loses weight by burning calories in the body. It is believed that the zone diet is more powerful than a market supplement when it comes to weighing loss and a more healthy way in comparison to trusting outside chemical supplements.

 zone diet should have 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% fats.

Now you know what is zone diet. But how to calculate the zone diet? We know 30% protein is a need, but how much that 30% protein is – online calculator you can use to know about the zone diet.

Creat blocks, like time table divided into protein, carbohydrate, and fat. And five times eating. Three meals and two snacks. 

It would like just like a timetable, you include the time at what time you will start your eating and later at what time you take to call your meal dinner meal. 

First meal
Second Meal
Third meal

 For example, in the first meal or block, you can put 7-gram protein, 1.5-gram fat for a non-veg while veg are at 3-gram, and 9-gram carbohydrate 

The above way of making charts will be more efficient and provide efficiency. The chart you create will be nothing but to be called meal charts. You can even look for any nutritionist to guide you while making charts.

You can click the above link for knowing how much quantity you need in different blocks. 

Protein – ⅓ of plate

Carbohydrate – ⅔ of plate

Fat – In the way of oil


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