How to get flexible for gymnastics?


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Gymnastics is a sport that involves developing physical coordination through a set of various exercises. The sport of gymnastics requires you to work on flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance. There is a development in overall muscle groups such as arms, shoulders, legs, abdomen, chest, etc. 


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Flexibility is a crucial skill that is needed for gymnastic skills. Carrying out static or dynamic stretchers helps improve flexibility. Static stretches require you to hold a particular position for a while.

On the other hand, dynamic stretches are when stretches are carried out during a movement. For example, tumbling skills and back handsprings require shoulder flexibility. Additionally, hip flexibility for jumps, splits, and, leaps.

Start small and gradually build up. Beginners in gymnastics need to gradually build flexibility over time. Start with gentle straight stretches. Lift your arms over your head and extend till you feel them throughout your body. Remain there for 10 seconds or so.

A few recommendations are :

  1. Butterfly pose – Addtional to increase the hips range of motion. It also activates the quads and inner thighs of the individual.
Butterfly Pose (Badhakonasana) - Instructions, Precautions and Benefits
  1. Bridge Pose – This pose helps improve shoulder and back flexbility. It stretches the low back muscles and the abdominal muscles.
Pose of the week, Bridge Pose / Setu Bandha Sarvangasana | Ekhart Yoga
  1. Needle Kicks – They improve muscle flexiblity significantly. Also, provides athletes with the agiliy required to carry out the sport.
Gymtrix - Results
  1. Flamingo Pose – The flamingo pose is excatly what it sounds like. Stand like a flamingo. It assist in toning things as well as strengthening the back. Along with flexibilty it also improves balance.
Yoga Asana - Standing Marichyasana / Flamingo - YouTube

Conclusion :

Gymnastics demands the athletes to maintain flexible bodies in order to carry out the exercises gracefully. You need to inculcate an everyday practice of stretching. Maintain a healthy diet alongside in order to ensure proper recovery and development of all muscle groups.

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