How To Improve Insulin Sensitivity ?

Insulin is one of the essential hormones of our body. It is released from the pancreas into the bloodstream. The role of insulin is to keep the levels of blood sugar under check. But sometimes, our body responds to this prominent hormone in a different way. They get sensitive towards insulin. So, how to improve insulin sensitivity ?

Insulin Sensitivity is a condition where the body cells get resistant to the hormone. The cells react to the hormone in a weird way due to many reasons. Not only this, but in this condition, blood sugar levels also get high. This could be due to lack of adequate nutrition, improper sleep and irregular workout routine. Then, how to improve insulin sensitivity ? Can we treat this on our own ?

Why Is Insulin Resistance Dangerous ?

Insulin sensitivity is an alarming condition. It has serious side effects on health. Moreover, it could affect the functioning and well being of pancreas in the long run. When somebody gets resistant to insulin, their pancreatic cells deplete over time. This is because there is no role of pancreas in that particular body. Thus, it aggravates the levels of sugar in your main bloodstream.

When blood sugar levels increase, you may suffer from Type II Diabetes. This is a health condition where our body could no longer secrete insulin for lowering sugar levels in blood. This is when you need to run to the hospital. There, an external source of insulin is being given to the body. When this happens, then the condition becomes completely irreversible. In order to prevent this, an improvement in insulin sensitivity is important.

How To Improve Insulin Sensitivity In The Body ?

Insulin sensitivity is not a joke. However, treating it is not as difficult as it seems. But, how to improve insulin sensitivity in the body ? One has to bring some important lifestyle and routine changes to keep sugar levels under control. Therefore, let us have a look at the points on how to improve insulin sensitivity in the body.

  • Regular exercise is a must. Doing a workout 5-6 times a week is enough.
  • Eat healthy. Avoid foods containing LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) such as sweets, chocolates, noodles, pastas, and all junk foods.
  • Getting 8-10 hours of sleep at the correct time is important.
  • Additionally, one should include fresh fruits and leafy greens to get sufficient dietary fibres.
  • Finally, this is the most important point. Be in a habit to follow the above points anyhow. All the points are important, but this is necessary. This is because consistency is the key.

SOURCE: Healthline

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