How to learn Freestyle Wrestling?

Ever found yourself wondering if you could take on the villain from your favorite movie? Or as a woman, go for a run at night peacefully? Well, luckily for you there are certain practices you can do to learn to get stronger at freestyle wrestling.

So what is Freestyle Training?

It is referred to as the world’s oldest sport, even existing in cave paintings. Freestyle wrestling is now made art by itself. It is the practice of tackling your opponent and keeping them there. There are various styles or forms of wrestling that practice unique techniques in order to tackle their opponent. 

In this art form, the technique is crucial. But strength and technique go hand in hand. You might be able to learn all the techniques and forms, but the strength to keep your opponent down comes with practice. The sport in itself is highly demanding, your grit to be taken down every day in the beginning stages is very important. Practicing it challenges your physical capacity, mental strength, and emotional durability. Many times beginners make silly mistakes that compromise their progress in the sport.

A guide to Freeletics Pullups

Learning Process

The best way to learn the sport is by going to a professional coach in wrestling. Join the wrestling groups in your local sports clubs or school. It is one of the best sports to play as it teaches you real-life lessons, like getting over adversity. You need to do muscle training in combination with cardio in order to step up your body’s strength and endurance. 

Every wrestling technique is aimed at over-powering your opponent. There is heavy use of elbows, knees, and the posterior chain in particular. Therefore, it is recommended to pull more than you push. For example, if you do 10 pushups, do 20 pull-ups. This way you emphasize and correct any existing muscle imbalance. Nutritious food and working out regularly give you the strength and energy you require while training.

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