How to make Protein Bars at Home

Hello!!! Everyone….Welcome to….. Blah blah blah blah..and SKIP.
This is the most often sentence we hear when we are worried about the fake containment product out in the market. Protein is essential for our body diet, especially for athletes and bodybuilders. Protein is the main reason for the growth of humans at every stage of life. If you do a normal workout then the requirement can be fulfilled with the daily healthy diet, but if you are involved with a high-intensity workout or you are an athlete so a normal diet can never be enough, but imagine not trusting the market product and making your own protein diet daily after getting exhausted “Phew” hectic right!!
What is the solution?
You yourself can make protein supplements at home which will be organic, and can also be stored for one to two weeks. Investing one day for making a supplement won’t harm. The best Protein supplement that can be made in your kitchen is Bar, ‘Protein Bars’ and it is the best option for vegetarian people. They always have to check the green and red marks
on the product.
Two Most famous and on-demand Protein bar is Peanuts Protein Bars

Let’s see how Peanuts Protein Bars are prepared
● Music/Songs
● Peanut Butter
● Honey/melted jaggery
● Protein Powder
● Flaxseed meals
● Coconut oil
● Chocolate chips
● Oats
Ready Set Begin

● Play your favorite playlist.
● Take a bowl and ¾ Pour Peanut Butter.
● Pour 2 tablespoon Coconut Oil.
● ⅓ Pour Honey.
● Micro is for 45 seconds in the oven or heat on the gas till it becomes semi-liquid. (stir the
mixture while heating of microwaving)
● Add ½ Protein Powder, 3 tablespoon Flax Seed, a pinch of salt, 2 cups oats, and
Chocolate chips.
● Mix them well, till they become like a dry paste.
● Transfer the whole paste in any utensil in a proper layer like a flat surface.
● Put it into the fridge until it becomes hard.
● And your Bars is ready.

This Peanut protein bar will also attract the children and will act as an outsource of protein in their body and the tension of a mother that her child is lacking in protein will also vanish. The last thing that these protein bars will do is to bring harmful effects to the body. The best part of making bars is that it has nothing to do with your cooking skills. Your kitchen is safe.
Simple to make
Easy to store
Tasty to taste

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